Center Structure

The Center falls under – the Department of Human Resources so the Director of the Center reports to the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Within our Center, the Director, Assistant Director, and Office Manager form the administrative team. When the Director is not available or on-site, the Assistant Director assumes responsibility for the smooth operations in the Center. If, in the unusual case that neither are on site, the Director or Assistant Director will designate a Teacher to take action in case of an emergency.

In normal operations, full-time staff report directly to the Director. Part-time staff (including undergraduate Student Teachers’ Aides) are hired by and report to the Assistant Director. The Assistant Director oversees curriculum, classroom support, and staffing  All other matters, including any personnel matters, should be referred to the Director. Please see the Center’s Organizational Chart.

The Center encourages participation by parents and all members of the University community. A Parent Advisory Council meets regularly to provide parental input and support to the Director and his or her staff on policies affecting the children.