1001: Union Organizing Activities


University employees (except for supervisors, managerial employees and confidential employees, as those terms are defined under federal labor law) have the right to freely vote for or against joining a union.


The University will strive to respect the rights of employees to vote for or against union representation without intimidation, unjust pressure, or hindrance in accordance with applicable law. 


Organizing Activity 
The University will follow procedures established by the National Labor Relations Board concerning union organizing activities in the workplace.  The University will exercise its right as an employer to assist employees to obtain adequate information upon which to base a decision to accept or reject union representation.

Supervisors who are aware of union organizing activities must contact the appropriate Human Resources department.

Solicitation and/or Distribution Activities 
University employees may solicit and/or distribute written material for the purpose of supporting or organizing in accordance with the National Labor Relations Act without obtaining prior approval as follows: Solicitation activities, unaccompanied by distribution of written materials, may be conducted on non-working time (periods when an employee is not properly engaged in performing work tasks such as break periods or mealtimes) in areas that are not immediate patient care areas.  Immediate patient care areas include, but are not limited to, patient rooms, corridors and sitting rooms adjoining patient rooms, operating rooms and other treatment areas.

Distribution of written materials may be conducted on non- working time in non-working areas.  Distribution of written materials in work areas is prohibited at all times unless otherwise approved in advance.


University employees, supervisors, and managers must comply with this policy.


Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.