1010: Payroll Advances


The University recognizes the need to offer payroll advances to employees for financial security during extreme emergency situations.


Payroll advances will be issued for emergencies resulting from circumstances beyond the employee’s control. Examples of such emergency situations which may warrant a payroll advance include a death in the employee’s immediate family requiring the employee to be out of town on payday; the employee is a victim of a robbery or other such crime in which the employee might need access to some immediate funds; federal government furlough (federal shutdown) other situations as determined by the Executive Vice President or Vice President may be appropriate situations for a payroll advance.  Payroll advances will not be issued for vacations or other predictable absences.  The University provides direct deposit which allows access to earnings on payday even when an employee is away from the University. 


Requesting an Advance 
The employee submits a written request to his/her Department Head.  The request should include the following:

  • the employee’s name and GUID or Employee ID
  • the reason for the advance
  • the amount of advance desired (this cannot exceed 80% of the employee’s current net biweekly or net monthly pay)
  • signature and date spaces for both the Department Head, HR Contact and Finance Partner to approve or not approve the request

The Department Head reviews the employee’s request.  If the request is approved, the department head forwards the request to the HR Contact and Finance Partner.  If the Department Head denies the request, the Department Head will notify the employee in writing within one business day of the denial.

Forward to Payroll 
The approved form should be forwarded to the Payroll Department for processing. The total advance will be deducted from the first regular paycheck due the employee following the date of the advance disbursement.


All employees are responsible to follow the procedures outlined in this policy.


Contact the University Payroll department if you have any question about this policy or if you would like more information.