Professional Development Fund

The Staff Development Grant is intended to provide specific career development opportunities for individuals and groups. provide opportunities for innovation, efficiencies, and collaboration between units, departments and campuses. provide career development and creative problem-solving opportunities that are in line with the university mission of open discourse, reflective learning, active participation in our community and service for others.

Grant funds may only be used on expenses that align with your current role, the function of your current office or department, or with your overall career path. The types of expenses covered are: Travel expenses Online workshops and webinars Registration for conferences/seminars Costs for certification/recertification (where departmental funding is not available) Books and materials for courses where TAP Benefits are not being used (grant funds are not intended to be supplemental to TAP benefits) Expenses for group event including speaker fees, location or material costs Expenses that otherwise would not be eligible for TAP Benefits

Scholarships are offered to a limited number of students each semester.

We may offer limited additional scholarships to students who do exceptionally well after enrolling. These students will be contacted individually.

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