404: Solicitation


Except as is provided below, solicitation and/or distribution of written material is not permitted on University property without prior approval from the appropriate University administrator. 


Solicitation and distribution of written material by employees or outsiders is restricted to avoid unnecessary interruptions of University services.


This policy applies to University employees, vendors, representatives, and other individuals and organizations. 

Restricted Activities 
Solicitation and/or distribution include, but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Raffles
  • Sale of merchandise
  • Posting or distribution of written material or notices
  • Solicitation for membership in organizations (For union organizing activity, refer to the Union Organizing Activities Policy)
  • Requests for support of social, community, or other organizations

Advance approval from the appropriate University Vice-President, Dean, or Hospital Administrator (or designee) is required for solicitation and/or distribution on University grounds or buildings. 

Vendors and vendor representatives must follow the rules outlined in the University’s Financial Policies and Procedures Manual.


University employees, outside individuals, and organizations must comply with this policy.


Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.