Authorization for Pick-Up

Children will only be released to authorized individuals. Initial authorization will be made on the enrollment form. In order to authorize any additional person, other than those listed on the original enrollment form, parents must submit authorization in writing and provide information requested on the enrollment form. When the newly authorized person arrives at the Center for pick-up, a photo ID will be checked and the child’s file rechecked to verify information. The forms for alternative pick-up are at the front desk. In cases where a parent is using an alternative pick-up, the staff must be notified in advance.

Telephone authorization for pick-up may be accepted if the Director or staff member can verify voice recognition of the parent or guardians and a call-back number for the parent or guardian is checked and approved. The forms for telephone authorization are at the front desk.

All persons authorized to pick up a child must be at least 18 years of age. 

A child must NEVER be released to any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DPS should be called immediately in this situation (7-4357 or 7-4343)

If an unauthorized person arrives at the Center to pick up a child, please see the next policy (Release to Non-Custodial Parent or Other Unauthorized Person).