609: Voting Time


Georgetown University encourages eligible employees to register and vote in national, state, and local elections.  Upon request of an employee, the University will permit two hours of paid leave for an employee to arrive late or to depart early from work to exercise the right to vote.


The University supports each individual’s right to vote and will provide the necessary time away from work. 


Advance Notice 
If an employee would like to request paid leave to vote, the employee must inform the immediate supervisor and arrange for time off to vote. 

Leave Used 
Time away from work for voting may be used during early voting days and Election Day.  For employees in non-exempt positions, time off from work for voting must be recorded on the timesheet using the appropriate Voting time code.


Each department is responsible for providing time away from work for an employee to vote.


For more information concerning voting time, contact the Department of Human Resources.