801: Work Day and Work Shift Changes


Each department of the University establishes the normal work days and work shifts for positions within the department. 

Employees should be advised of their normal work days and work shifts before they are hired; however, department heads may change the established work day or shift according to the business needs of the business unit.


An employee’s work day and work shift are determined based on the needs of the University.  Once an employee’s schedule is established, the employee’s work shift should remain constant where this meets the needs of the department.  During an individual’s employment, the scheduling needs of the department and/or the employee may change.  When such changes occur, the University has the right to establish a new schedule for an employee; also, an employee may request a schedule change. 


Emergencies, Staffing Shortages, or Temporary Scheduling 
During emergencies, staffing shortages, or other temporary situations, a supervisor may require an employee to work different work days or a different shift without advance notice.  Although no formal notice is required for such short-term changes, supervisors should give employees as much notice as possible. 

If an employee cannot comply with a short-term change in schedule, he or she should discuss the situation with the supervisor.  If the employee has a valid reason for not complying, the supervisor should consider other means to meet the temporary requirement.  Unresolved problems should be referred to the department head. 

Changes in Normal Schedule 
Managers and supervisors may change an employee’s normal work day and work shift to meet the needs of the department.  The employee will be given at least two weeks written notice of any changes.  Supervisors are encouraged to be sensitive to an employee’s personal situation (child care arrangements, transportation, family life, etc.) when making changes to established schedules. 

If an employee requests a change to his/her normal schedule, the supervisor should consider the individual’s request based on the operational needs of the department.


Departments must administer the University’s policy on work day and work shift and follow the procedures outlined above.  Changes to these procedures must be approved by appropriate University administrative units.


Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions about this policy or if you would like more information.