802: Meal and Rest Periods


Non-exempt employees who work a full day are allowed an unpaid meal period and two paid rest periods.  A full day is considered eight or more hours, exclusive of the unpaid meal period. 

Non-exempt employees scheduled to work less than a full day are entitled to one 15 minute rest period for every four hours worked. 

Meal periods are 30 minutes long. Rest periods are 15 minutes each.


Employees should be provided brief intervals of relaxation during the work day.  Rest periods should not interfere with accomplishment of routine job tasks.


Use of Meal and Rest Periods 
Non-exempt employees may not skip meal or rest periods in order to shorten the work day, or to earn extra paid leave. Rest periods may not be saved for later use, accumulated, or used to compute additional pay. 

Generally, rest periods should be taken, but they may be omitted occasionally if required by the work load.  Extra compensation is not provided if rest periods are missed. 

Rest period practices may be set by individual departments, within the framework of this policy, and must be communicated to affected employees. 

Department heads should schedule meal and rest periods to avoid disrupting normal operations.  Department heads may extend the meal period by reducing or eliminating rest periods.


Departments must administer the University’s policy on meal and rest periods and follow the procedures outlined above.  Departments may adjust meal and rest periods to meet operational needs.


Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions about this policy or if you would like more information.