APPENDIX A – PAC Mission Statement

The Hoya Kids Learning Center Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an advisory board composed of parent volunteer representatives from each of the three classrooms at Hoya Kids Learning Center (HKLC). The mission of the PAC is to support and enhance the care and education of the children who attend HKLC. Additionally, PAC will provide input from parents on proposed policy changes that affect families.

This is accomplished by the following activities: 

  • Facilitating communication between parents and HKLC staff, especially the director;
  • Creating and supporting enrichment activities through fundraising, networking within the University community, and through various volunteer efforts, including chaperoning on field trips and other HKLC outings;
  • Providing support for HKLC parents through seminars, coffee hours, and other activities; 
  • Assisting in organizing major social and celebratory events for HKLC community (e.g., international pot luck dinner, end-of-year picnic);
  • Organizing community service activities; and
  • Providing general classroom and staff support of HKLC as needed or requested by the director.