207: Temporary Employment


Georgetown University has established guidelines for recruitment, salary, benefits, and other issues concerning temporary employment.


University departments may hire temporary employees to perform special projects, cover for absences of regular employees, or meet additional work loads.


Departments may hire temporary employees directly, use outside employment agencies, or request recruitment assistance from the Human Resource department. 

Duration of Employment 
Temporary employment may not exceed 6 months in length.  Departments that require longer employment should contact the appropriate Human Resources department in advance to review term or regular employment.  No individual may be employed as a temporary longer than 6 months in any 12-month period. 

Temporary employees appointed to an existing job classification are paid at the same pay level/grade as the existing classification.  Exceptions must be reviewed by the Human Resources department.

If the temporary employment includes duties that are not the same as an existing job classification, the department should provide a brief description of the duties to the Human Resources department.  Human Resources will establish a pay rate consistent with the pay for regular employees performing similar work. 

Temporary employees will receive only employment benefits required by law.  An example would include worker’s compensation if the employee is injured on the job. 


Supervisors are responsible for complying with this policy when appointing temporary employees.


For more information concerning casual labor payments, contact the Payroll Department.  For additional information concerning temporary employment issues, contact the appropriate Human Resources department.