209: Reemployment


Former employees with at least two years of prior continuous regular, senior level executive, senior level professional, academic and administrative professional or term employment and who are rehired within one year may be given credit for past University service.  Individuals without two years past service or with greater than one year’s break in service will be treated as new employees, if rehired. 


Eligible, qualified former employees will be considered for reemployment with the University.


Generally, former University employees will be considered for employment in the same manner as other external job candidates.  The former employee’s employment eligibility at the time of separation determines whether the individual will be considered for reemployment. 

Start Date 
Rehired former University employees (with at least two years prior service and less than one year’s break in service) will be given an adjusted employment start date.  The date will be based on the individual’s start date, brought forward for the period of time between termination and reemployment.  The adjusted start date determines length of service for leave accrual, tuition benefits, and other personnel actions. 

Reemployment may affect Social Security and University retirement benefits.  Retirees should contact the Office of Employee Benefits for further information before reemployment with the University.

A former employee will serve a probationary period in the position into which the individual is rehired in accordance with the Probationary Policy.

Termination of Employment 
Former employees (rehired under this policy), who again terminate employment, must have completed at least two years of service during the reemployment period to be eligible for prior service credit if rehired in the future. 

Former employees who have been laid off may be reemployed as outlined in the University’s Layoff Policy.  Individuals who terminate for military duty may be reemployed in accordance with the Military Leave Policy.


Each Human Resources department administers the University’s reemployment policy.  Human Resources and University departments follow the procedures outlined above.


Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.