208: Special Employment


Georgetown University has established guidelines for recruitment, salary, benefits, and other issues concerning special employment.  The special employment category includes on-call, per diem, temporary service, and other individuals hired to perform duties as needed. 


University departments may employ special employees to perform assignments on an as-needed basis.


The following definitions apply to special employment: 

On-call Employee—An individual who works as needed by a department and is paid at the same pay grade as a regular employee in the same job classification.  Scheduling is based on departmental needs and the availability of the employee. 

Per Diem Employee—An individual who works as needed by a department and may be paid at a higher rate than a regular employee in the same job classification. 

Temporary Service Employee—An individual employed through the University Human Resources Department’s Temporary Service.  Salary is determined by the Temporary Service Manager and scheduling is based on assignments and availability of the employee. 

Departments may hire special employees directly, use the Temporary Service, or request recruitment assistance from the Human Resources departments. 

Duration of Employment 
Duration of special employment is based on departmental needs and availability of assignments. 

Special employees will receive employment benefits required by law.  Additional benefits may be offered to individual special employees when hired. 

Performance Evaluation 
When a special employee’s employment is terminated, the department will complete a final evaluation of performance.


Supervisors are responsible for complying with this policy when appointing special employees.


For more information concerning appointment of on-call or per diem employees, or to establish a new special employment status, contact the appropriate Human Resources department.  For information concerning temporary service, contact the Temporary Service Manager in the University Human Resources department.