702: Compensation Policy Definitions


The terms defined in this policy apply to the University’s compensation policies and procedures. 


Salary Grade: a range of salaries reflecting appropriate compensation for a group of job profiles (see Policy 704)

Job Profile: a category of positions that perform similar work; require similar skills, job knowledge, education and experience; and have comparable responsibilities and complexity; all positions assigned to the same job profile will be assigned to the same salary grade, but will not necessarily pay the same salary  (see Policy 704)

Position Description: a summary of the core duties, responsibilities, required skills, and general work environment of a particular University position.

Academic and Administrative Professional (AAP) A group of University positions that deal directly with creating, setting, overseeing, or actively engaging in the curricular and research functions of the University; advise on academic matters or supplement student curricular activities, career counseling, or residential life. 

Exempt Employees

Exempt employees are employees who are paid on a salaried basis and not subject to the overtime pay provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).   The University is not required under the FLSA to exempt any position from the overtime pay provisions, and may therefore elect, in its discretion and in accordance with applicable Federal and District of Columbia laws, to make any position overtime eligible. 

Employees Eligible for Overtime

Hourly Employees whose job duties and responsibilities do not exempt them from coverage under the FLSA’s overtime pay provisions, and therefore must receive overtime pay compensation for all overtime hours worked.  Georgetown University policy requires that any full time University employee earning less than $47,476 be eligible for overtime pay.