704: Salary Grades and Salary Determination

Statement and Procedures

Georgetown University’s salary structure enables the University to manage compensation competitively through market-based salary grade ranges. The salary grades are designed to fit all University positions and keep salaries competitive in the local/regional/national/ industry job markets. Each salary grade has a minimum and maximum salary reflecting appropriate market pay parameters for the positions assigned to the particular grade. No salaries shall be below the minimum salary of the grade.  The salary grades are broad enough to accommodate a variety of skills, experience, and contribution levels.

All salaries within a salary grade are appropriate for the positions assigned to that grade. Individual employee salaries within job profiles and salary grades will vary. Key considerations for salary determination include, but are not limited to, relevant skills and experience, internal peer data, employee performance, and budget availability.


The Department of Human Resources develops, administers, and interprets the University’s compensation policies. 


Contact the appropriate Client Services Partner if you have questions about this policy or if you would like more information.