108: Work Schedule

Regular and punctual arrival at the Center each day is critical to the smooth operation of the Center. Our parents and children depend on prompt arrivals. Staff must be ready to assist any child or parent at their designated start time. Simply coming through the door at that time is not acceptable. Staffing patterns are designed to provide staff-child ratios as published. The Director sets individual arrival and departure times. Full-time staff members work eight and one-half hour days with at least a half hour unpaid break. Every effort will be made to provide a half-hour paid break in addition to the unpaid half-hour break. In some cases, a break may be longer than a half hour if an employee has been asked to work a longer day to accommodate the needs of the Center or staff. Convenience will be considered, however, paramount consideration will be given to the needs of the children at our Center for adequate staffing at all times. Part-time staff members work the hours and days assigned by the Director. 

Employees will be given weekly scheduled time to complete planning and paperwork during naptime hours providing student and temporary teacher’s aides are available. However, as in any educational setting, outside planning time or meetings with parents are sometimes necessary before or after a teacher’s scheduled shift and will be expected. We value attendance and participation at these meetings. In these situations, overtime or adjusted work schedules will be provided for teachers who are paid hourly.