Attendance of Children

Staff should periodically check their attendance sheets to be sure that it reflects the actual number of children in their care at that time. Class roster sheets are also provided to continually keep track of the children in each group by marking them as they come in or leave. The times that the children arrive or depart should be recorded for each child, even when they are leaving and coming back that same day (i.e. lunch with parent or doctor’s appointment). These should be accurate at all times. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT STAFF KNOW HOW MANY CHILDREN ARE IN THEIR CARE AT ALL TIMES. In order to be sure all children are accounted for at all times, full time staff should take a head count of all children in their group upon departing and arriving at any location, counting the children at least two times themselves, or – if more than one full time staff is present – at least one time each, ensuring that the totals match one another AND match the total recorded on the attendance roster. In addition to this headcount, the full time staff member with the attendance roster is responsible for checking that each child marked present on the roster is accounted for. Before leaving the playground or any outdoor location, one staff member shall be responsible for checking the playground for anyone “hiding” under, in, or behind equipment. 

Remind parents to sign in and out on the kiosk computer in the lobby at each drop-off and pick-up. Parents must also sign out and in when taking them out of the Center in the middle of the day and bringing them back.