Hazards, protection from

In order to keep children and adults in the facility safe from hazards within the facility, we must be vigilant about the safety of our surroundings. For example, staff shall make sure that outlet covers are inserted into unused outlets, carpets do not pose a tripping hazard, teacher items not suitable for children’s use (like adult scissors) are out of children’s reach, and hot liquids (above 110 degrees Fahrenheit) do not have the potential of coming in contact with children. Staff should also be aware of and take action on any other obstacles that may cause a tripping hazard or any other unsafe conditions. 

Common sense should alert you to many other hazards. If any unsafe condition is noticed and cannot be immediately corrected, please notify a member of the administrative staff so that they can put a call into Facilities management right away. Depending on the level of danger posed, children may need to be removed from the area. If unsure, please ask the Director or designee. 

If there are any facility-related repairs that need to be made, even if they do not pose a safety hazard, they should be reported to an administrator so that they may submit a work request with Facilities Management.