Illness Policy

Each staff member is expected to know and enforce the Illness policy. All parents are notified of this policy upon enrollment and should be well aware of it. If assistance is needed in interpreting the policy on a case-by-case basis, please see the Director. Please refer to Appendix H for the complete Illness Policy (as written for parents).

When a child is to be excluded, teachers should contact an administrative staff member to determine who will contact the parent and how the child will be cared for during the time s/he is waiting to be picked up. Typically, the administrative staff member will call the parent and arrange for pick-up. The child typically waits in the Director’s office for his/her parent, and is provided quiet toys and books as well as a cozy bean-bag chair to sit in. The teacher should bring the child with all of his/her personal items (coat, lunch bag, and anything else that needs to be brought home) to the office. The teacher should take the first opportunity available to fill out an Illness Report so that it can be given to the parent when s/he picks up the child. (See next section, Illness Reports, for more information.)