Incident/Injury Reports

When a child is injured while in our care at Hoya Kids in a way that leaves any type of mark (scratch, cut, bruise, bump, scrape, area of swelling, and any other type of mark), teachers should fill out an Incident/Injury Report as promptly and thoroughly as possible. Whenever a child sustains any injury above the neck, teachers should report that to the director or Assistant Director as soon as is safe to do so, so that the parent can be contacted if deemed necessary based on the information provided by the witness of the incident. 

Whenever a child is the perpetrator of a serious injury that warrants the parent/s knowing about the incident, a teacher may decide to fill out an Incident/Injury Report for that child too. In those cases each report shall only include the name of the child that report is written for and not the other child(ren) involved. 

The Incident/Injury Report details the date, time, location, nature, and extent of the incident/injury. The last two sections of the Incident/Injury Report are where the teacher lists the steps taken following the incident/injury and any follow-up actions taken. Teachers should be as detailed as possible in all sections, but shall not include the name of other child(ren) involved as described above. The Incident/Injury Report should be given to the Director or Assistant Director for her signature as soon as it is complete, and then give to the parent for review and signature. If neither the Director or Assistant Director are available to sign before the parent arrives for pick-up, please have the parent sign and let them know that we will leave a copy for them the next day. If they want to take a copy with them, then you may give them their part of the triplicate form, and the Director or Assistant Director will sign the other two sheets for our files. The Incident/Injury Report form is reprinted in Appendix L.