First Aid and Injuries

At least one staff member who has a certificate showing satisfactory completion of pediatric first-aid training, including managing a blocked airway and providing rescue breathing for infants and children, is always present with each group of children. When a child in the group has a special health condition that might require CPR, one staff person who has successfully completed training in CPR is present in the program at all times. 

First Aid boxes are located at the front desk and in each Go Bag for each teaching team. Please notify the Office Manager of any replacement items needed for the first aid boxes. A list of items that should be included is in each of the boxes. Staff members who have been trained in first aid will make any necessary first aid decisions. Staff members must follow universal precautions and wear plastic disposable gloves when administering first aid. A triplicate Incident Report for each accident must be filled out and given to the Director to review. (See section on “Incident Reports” in this handbook.)

Any unusual bruises or cuts noticed on a child upon arrival at the center must be reported immediately to the Director and documented. These should also be mentioned to the parent, if the parent is still present when the injury is noted. The teacher/s should make note of the parent’s explanation, if s/he has any, and include this explanation in the report to the Director as well as the documentation of this incident.