Parent Communication

Parent communication and developing partnerships with parents of the children in your care is a top priority. Communication will be sent home, posted, or emailed each day with each classroom to keep parents informed about their child’s activities. Individual news items for parents should be placed in the child’s cubby. 

The Center prepares a parent newsletter describing the activities at the Center. Several times per year, Teachers are required to submit an article with birthday news, special activities in each area, etc., to the Director or Office Manager. It is essential that staff note activities of individual children in their article. The newsletter will be distributed to all parents.

Staff members should post group activities on calendars in their area so that parents are aware of daily activities and events.

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held twice a year and on an as-needed basis. It is essential that staff use these opportunities to work together with parents in order to provide their children with an optimal early childhood experience. Periodic parent meetings will be held to discuss Center-related issues. Workshops on a variety of relevant parenting issues will also be offered.