Telephone & Cell Phone

Please answer the phone if there is no office staff at the Center. Please answer, “Hoya Kids Learning Center, this is ________. May I help you?”  If the person wants information about the Center, write his or her name, and telephone number in the notebook on the reception desk and tell the caller that an administrator will call back with the information. If a member of the media calls, refer them to the Director immediately.

When calling a parent at work or home during the day, be sure to preface the introduction with “This is _____________ from the Hoya Kids Learning Center. This is not an emergency” (unless of course it is an emergency).

Personal Cell Phones:

The use of personal cell phones is not permitted while on duty at Hoya Kids Learning Center. They should be turned off and put away upon arrival at the Center. Cell phone use encompasses anything that can be done on a personal cell phone, not just talking. If you are expecting an important phone call you should ask the person to contact you through the Center’s main number, and the call will be transferred to you or a message will be taken if you are unavailable. To every extent reasonable, the children need and deserve your undivided attention while on duty. 

Cell phones should be turned off during meetings and at least silenced during full staff meetings if you are anticipating an important phone call.

Center Cell Phones:

Each of the five teaching teams has a Center cell phone. This cell phone is to be kept charged and in working order by your teaching team. If your group leaves the building to go on a walk or to go to the playground the cell phone must be turned on and kept in a place where it can be heard at all times. The Center cell phones are not to be used for personal calls. Center cell phone numbers should not be given out to families. These phones are the only way the administrative staff has to get in touch with you in case of an emergency or if a family needs to locate you on campus.