Food Allergies and Nut-Free Policy

Please be sure an up-to-date list of children’s allergies is posted in each kitchen and classroom at all times. A list will also be kept at the Operation Manager’s Desk. It is imperative for all teachers to be aware of any child enrolled in the Center (not just in their classroom) who has a food allergy. It is also important for teachers to help administrators keep the child’s medicines and paperwork up-to-date, if and when they are aware that something is out of date. The complete Food Allergy Policy is included in Appendix E.

In the fall of 2007, in response to the increasing number of children with life-threatening peanut and nut allergies, the administrative staff decided to make Hoya Kids completely peanut- and tree-nut free. The complete Nut-Free Policy is included in Appendix F.