Fire Drills

A fire drill will be held once a month. Drills may be pre-planned or unannounced. Staff members are responsible for knowing the fire emergency escape plan. A fire escape plan will be given to all employees; a copy will be kept in the office files. As part of the curriculum, staff must prepare children for what to expect during a fire drill. Fire drill practice is part of new staff orientation.

Procedure for Children:

  • Instruct children to walk out of the nearest door, discourage talking.
  • One staff person leads children out and one brings up the rear.

Procedure for Staff:

  • Staff members must take their roll book outside.
  • One staff person per group leads children out.
  • One staff person per group brings up the rear, making sure all children are out.
  • Walk to designated area away from building. Quiet children and take attendance to make sure every child in group is accounted for. Wait for all-clear signal from staff in charge.