Code Red and Orange Air Quality

HKLC follows the local government warnings and recommendations on “Code Red” and “Code Orange” air quality days. These are the warnings that are announced on the radio and online at on such days. Very often, authorities will announce that Code Red or Code Orange Air Quality begins at a certain hour of the day (usually in the late morning or early afternoon). Hoya Kids enforces Code Red or Code Orange recommendations beginning at the hour the Code is announced to begin. 

The opening administrator will be in charge of disseminating information in the morning to the teachers in each classroom. She will also write the information in the black notebook at the front desk indicating the hours that children should remain indoors. Children with a history of breathing problems such as asthma should not go out at all during Code Red or Code Orange days/hours. All other children may spend up to 30 minutes out of doors during Code Orange days/hours. Children are not permitted outside for outdoor play at all during Code Red days/hours. Drinking water should be offered continuously while children are outdoors on Code Orange days.

Obviously, the staff will need to be creative in planning outdoor time on these days. Staff should still be mindful of our space limitations on the playground. Due to square footage requirements, no more than 34 children are permitted on the preschool / 2’s-3’s playground at any given time. Therefore, classroom teachers will need to work out a plan early in the morning for playground time-sharing if the decision is made to go out after morning snack but before the time when we are recommended to stay indoors. 

Prior to the hour that Code Red or Code Orange is announced to begin, children’s outdoor activities are not restricted. See also section on Outdoor Play for information about cold and other weather.