Caring deeply about children means that we want to provide many opportunities for children to develop self-discipline. A trusting relationship must be established between staff and child. Discipline is built on mutual respect and trust.

Discipline is used as a teaching tool with the children of Hoya Kids. Our goal is to teach the children to think independently and solve problems while respecting classmates, teachers, and the classroom environment. The process of helping children learn to solve their own problems is time-consuming but should be the goal of guidance for children. 

When necessary, we try to guide behavior by using space, time and materials creatively and by stressing positive social reinforcers. In terms of space, we should be aware that too little space or congested traffic patterns may cause conflict as children interfere with each other’s activities. Too little time to complete activities in a relaxed way, or too much time devoted to an activity so that the children are bored or have to wait can also cause behavior difficulties. There also needs to be enough experience with any one activity to develop it fully. We also need to be sure activities and expectations are age-appropriate. 

We do not use any form of physical or corporal discipline with children. In the event any employee is observed using this type of discipline, it is to be immediately reported to the Director. Shaming, bullying or denial of food or water is also prohibited and should be reported if observed. We do not permit any punishment to be related to food, toileting, or naps. 

Negative comments or conversations about the child to the parent or fellow staff members in front of any child or within hearing distance are not allowed. Time outs are used only in the most extreme circumstances. 

We understand that the day in the life of a teacher can be very stressful. To help each other deal with classroom-related stress HKLC has developed an Internal Classroom Support Policy which can be found in full in this handbook. As Appendix D following the main section of this document, a summary of a few Positive Discipline articles is included for your information. This summary was written for and is given to all part-time undergraduate Student Teachers’ Aides during their orientation; much of the document applies to full-time Teachers as well.