Ratios and Supervision

Child to Staff ratios for each classroom group are as follows:

  • Busy Bees – 4:1
  • Buttercups – 6:1
  • Koalas – 9:1

When children are combined either outside or inside, the ratio shall be no less than that of the children from the youngest group included. For example if there are 4 Busy Bees, 3 Buttercups, and 2 Koalas, (a total of 9) the ratio is 1:4, and therefore no less than 1 teacher per 4 children should be present. Teachers are responsible for notifying an administrative staff member, without leaving the group, if they are, or will be, “out of ratio”. In the morning as children are arriving, teaching staff should alert an administrator when one more child will put them out of ratio, if the next shift is not scheduled to arrive in the next few minutes. Every effort is made to ensure adequate staffing at all times, but adjustments may need to be made occasionally to maintain ratios.

Staff are expected to supervise by positioning themselves to see as many children as possible whether in the classroom or on the playground. Teaching staff must closely monitor children’s activities when children are in areas with equipment where injury could occur. (e.g. climbing equipment, stairs, riding toys, doorways)  Teaching staff supervise primarily by sight. Supervision of preschoolers (3-5 y.o.) by sound is allowed for short periods of time (3-5 minutes), as long as teachers check frequently on children who are out of sight (e.g. those who can use the toilet independently, or those who are napping). Teaching staff must supervise toddlers and twos by sight and sound at all times