Internal Classroom Support

Working with children is not only very rewarding, but also very stressful and challenging at times. At Hoya Kids Learning Center it is very important that we mutually support each other, whenever the need arises, in order to keep our stress levels down so that we can more effectively work with the children in our care. It is also important for maintaining the balance between rewarding and stressful. It doesn’t help anyone to feel so much stress that it negates the satisfaction we get out of our jobs.

We at Hoya Kids maintain that teamwork is essential, and that every single staff member is a part of that team. Webster’s defines a team as “a number of persons associated together in work or activity” or “a group on one side”. We are all on one side because we have some of the same basic goals – One is to make this the best environment for children and staff as possible.

Given that, we will support each other in the classroom by:

  • offering our assistance when we see or hear a difficult situation in progress;
  • understanding that when someone offers their help, it is in no way a reflection of our competence;
  • asking each other for help when we feel we need it;
  • understanding that when we ask for help, others will respond according to their ability to leave the situation they are currently in; and
  • understanding that children come first.

There is much published in the parent handbook about behavior, in this handbook about Discipline, and on Positive Discipline specifically in Appendix D. However, if a child is exhibiting extremely disruptive, dangerous, or threatening behavior, the teaching team may request that a call be made to the parent either by a teacher or the Director, to inform the parents of the situation and/or ask for assistance.