Illness Reports

When a child begins to exhibit symptoms of illness, even if the illness doesn’t necessarily require exclusion, the child’s teacher is responsible for filling out an illness report. Always include the child’s first and last name and fill out the form as indicated. When a temperature is taken, always report the actual reading on the thermometer and the method by which it was taken (axillary, forehead, or ear). (It is HKLC policy to take children’s temperature under the arm [axillary].)  The Illness Report 

When the parent arrives to pick up the child, please make sure they sign the report and give them the top copy. If exclusion the following day is necessary per the illness policy, please remind them of that and the conditions under which the child may return. If you need assistance communicating this to the parent, please ask the Director. The Illness Report form is reprinted in Appendix K.